Rose Gold...It's What's Hot in 2019

Rose Gold finish is all the rage in decorative hardware. It came on the scene in early 2018 and has become an instant success. We began offering this finish shortly thereafter and it has become very popular in kitchens and bathrooms. We have been very successful with the launch of our Rose Gold products, that some styles have made it to our top sellers page.

Rose Gold offers a rich and warm hue that stands out as a feature all on its own. It goes great with many different cabinet finishes. It pairs especially well with grey, white and black finishes. Whether you are updating your kitchen or bath with new cabinets, or refreshing your decorative hardware to add a new look to your existing cabinets, the sophistication and refinement of Rose Gold results in a powerful statement to your kitchen or bath.

Hardware is not just a finishing touch in the home anymore, it's a showpiece. With sleeker styles and fresh new finishes, such as Rose Gold, hardware for the kitchen and bath are taking on a more important role. Rose Gold lighting and accessories are becoming more abundant in the marketplace. Consumers love the look. The demand for Rose Gold has resulted in many more choices of styles of Rose Gold lighting to choose from, as well as many kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Accent pieces in Rose Gold finish for the kitchen counters, such as a utensil holder, canisters, a tea kettle, even a toaster and KitchenAid mixer would look great with a kitchen of Rose Gold pulls and handles. Appointments for the bath in Rose Gold, such as a faucet, lighting fixtures, towel bars, a soap dispenser and lotion dispenser, etc., would complement the decorative hardware beautifully. 

Not only do we have a great selection, we also have very attractive price points. We offer free samples on our Andrew Claire line. Happy New Year and happy remodeling!

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