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Soft Close Hinges

Replacing your kitchen and bathroom cabinet door hinges to soft close hinges is a great improvement so you will never hear that annoying sound of a slamming door again. Soft close hinges allow the door to close slowly and quietly to a fully closed position on its own. By changing out your old hinges to soft close hinges, you are updating your hardware, which will also add value to your kitchen, which is the heart of the home. Soft close hinges are a very inexpensive accessory that makes a huge difference when closing cabinet doors, while preserving your cabinets and cabinet doors from nicks and scratches that may occur with a slamming door. It's easier than you think to replace your old hinges for new soft close hinges. Generally, you can use the same hole pattern as the ones on your cabinet doors. We offer our soft close hinges for as low as $2.75 for each hinge and mounting plate. Our hinge and plate offers 6 way adjustment, which helps to align your doors for the correct fit. You can find soft close hinges on our Accessories page.

Tilt Out Trays

A simple yet inexpensive item to add to most kitchens is a tilt out tray for your sink cabinet. It easily installs on the inside of the false drawer front. The tilt out tray hold sponges, cleaning pads, sink stoppers, etc. It's a very convenient storage holder right at your sink, and at waist level, so you don't have to bend down to the floor of the sink cabinet searching for the items you can store in the tilt out tray right at your fingertips. We sell many tilt out trays with hinges. They are convenient and keep the kitchen sink free of clutter.

Closet Valet Rod

A favorite for every closet and laundry room. The Rev-A-Shelf valet rod is able to accommodate several items at a time and slides back when not in use. With its easy side mounted installation, it can be installed almost anywhere in a closet or laundry room. The valet rod creates additional hanging and display space in your closet and laundry room. This compact retractable closet rod packs a ton of convenience and functionality for laying out todays outfit, hanging freshly picked up laundry from the dry cleaners, and pairing your pieces to put looks together. Even your jewelry, handbag, hat or tie--hang it all as a unit so you can see the big picture. Display tomorrows outfit to save time in the morning with decision making. It's great for the kids closets for the next days school clothes to eliminate arguing about what to wear. It helps to start the day with a sense of order and efficient routine. Need to check items for stains, holes or damage? The closet valet rod makes it very easy to inspect garments. As you can see, it's a great holding station to create organization. We carry this great organization accessory on our Accessories page. Many of our customers love it so much they purchase a few of them. It seems to be a staple in most closets and laundry rooms due to its versatility.

Belt/Scarf Organizer

Keep your closet organized with a belt/scarf organizer. This handy, versatile organizer solves all of your belt and scarf storage problems. It's a simple solution that will save you time from searching for a belt or scarf that you tossed in a drawer or in a tote on your closet floor. It's easy to install in any closet. The belt/scarf organizer system that we carry is made by Rev-A-Shelf and features full extension ball bearing slides, is retractable, and neatly holds 9 belts or scarves. You can get creative and use this system to hang jewelry too.

Tie Organizer

Keep your neckties organized and crease and wrinkle free with our Rev-A-Shelf tie organizer. It's a smart solution that gives you complete organization and more space in your closet without any hassle or fuss. It is a side mount, retractable system. It runs on full extension ball bearing slides that fully extends for full accessibility to all of your ties. This is an ideal system for folks with many ties. Our tie organizer holds 23 neckties.

Let's get organized today! Visit our Accessories page on the website to check out pictures and info on all of these great items!


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