Home Improvement: Changing Hardware has a Surprising Impact on Any Room

Give your home a fresh new look - -without taking a lot of time or breaking out the paintbrush. Updating your kitchen, bathroom and even key furniture pieces with new hardware can give these pieces a whole new sense of style.

Fast and Easy to Change

Whether you are renting your home (and therefore unable to make major changes) or you just want to liven things up a bit, the right hardware can have an enormous impact on your home. If you have been living with the basic, utilitarian hardware installed by the home’s builder, choosing new hardware that reflects your personal style can provide a truly custom look.

Choosing Hardware and Pulls

Choose hardware based on the look of the room and the built-in furnishings. Love the country look? Then pulls that mimic the roughhewn metal and wood used in farm houses and cottages will pull your entire room together. Want an elegant, upscale look? High end glass or chrome pulls will elevate your bath into something truly amazing.

Seasonal Details

If you love decorating for the different seasons, or just want to lighten things up in summer, but keep it cozy in the winter, swapping out your drawer pulls can help. A hefty, substantial handle will make your home feel cozy and protected in winter but could be too much in summer. Swap them out for a lighter, breezier model for the new season. Since pulls and handles can often be installed without tools at all or with a basic screwdriver, you can swap out one set for another in minutes, as you put up fresh seasonal décor.

Whether you are ready to add the final finishing touch to a room or want to fully customize your space, swapping out the existing hardware on your cabinets and drawers has a surprising impact for a minimal amount of investment and work.

Finding the right pulls for your space and style is as easy as visiting our collection – we make sure to stock a wide range of styles, materials and colors so you can find exactly what you need.

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